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Ticket to Work Program

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Social Security's Ticket to Work Program is a completely FREE and VOLUNTARY program to give qualified people receiving benefits the opportunity to try working without medical reviews or the fear of losing benefits or insurance. As an Employment Network for the Social Security Ticket to Work Program we provide qualified ticket holders in Florida with job placement and vocational services which may include:

• Transferable Skills Analysis
• Resume development
• Basic overview of Employ Florida
• Assistance identifying employers in the local labor market
• Assistance developing a strategy to contact potential employers
• Goal setting
• Job referrals
• Employment interview strategies and role playing
• Post-employment support which may include counseling on work accommodations and work adjustment issues.

The desired outcome is that you achieve employment and financial independence!

Rehabilitation Service is also a State of Florida Vocational Rehabilitation partner as defined by the Partnership Plus progam.  This means that after a state Vocational Rehabilitation case is closed the ticket can be assigned to Rehabilitation Services for post-employment, follow up services to help you maintain employment.   

We provide employers with qualified prescreened candidates and information on the TAX CREDIT available for hiring our clients. We can also provide employers with "ADA checkups" for their facilities to make sure it is in compliance.

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How the Ticket to Work Program Works

When a Ticket to Work beneficiary calls, they are given a basic overview of the Ticket to Work program and the services Rehabilitation Services provides to Ticket to Work beneficiaries. An Individual Work Plan (IWP) is then created. Individual work plan development is initiated after data is collected from the intake interview. The data includes past work, residual functional data and other relevant vocational information. Once there is a mutual agreement that the beneficiary and the employment network are willing to work together, a plan is developed using the following criteria:

• Past relevant work and residual functional capacity is considered in the plan; if past relevant work cannot be performed than the company may perform a transferable skills analysis. Compatible occupations are evaluated and assessed as to viable market indicators by both the EN and the beneficiary and a suitable job category agreed to by both the EN and the beneficiary.

• After the career guidance process, the company provides the beneficiary with assistance in developing a resume and conducting an online job search. The company also assists the beneficiary in identifying potential employers. This may be done by using online methods such as Employ Florida or or by using personal leads generated by the company through its employer outreach programs.

• The company also assists beneficiaries with job leads provided by agencies such as Maximus and Workforce Central Florida, and advises the beneficiary of job fair occurrences and job openings provided by the company’s employer contacts. The company has also provided a job club to encourage beneficiaries to keep engaged with their job seeking activities. The company is in the planning stages of a virtual job club that will use the internet to bring the job club supports directly to the beneficiary.

• After the beneficiary is hired, a job development specialist is a phone call away to assist with any problems that may be encountered on the job.

Call us toll free at 1-888-300-4548 or (407) 745-0714 or email us or FOR HELP in understanding this program and GETTING BACK TO WORK without the worry of losing your monthly benefits or your medical insurance.

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Ticket to Work Program
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