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Rehabilitation Services Inc. was established in 1974 and has built an expertise in all phases of Vocational Rehabilitation, ergonomics, economics, employment and ADA compliance. We have a unique combination of skills in life care planning including quantitative and qualitative research. We have become a leading expert in the cutting-edge area of accessible technology. We are a private action orientated organization endeavoring to rebuild the lives of people with disabilities to their maxim capacity. We do coefficient of friction testing, light meter readings, and pressure adherences to help determine causes of accidents.

Because the ADA and related laws are highly complex and subject to change, property and business owners are subject to substantial and often unexpected liability. It is also seen that litigation over property access and ADA compliance is increasing. We recommend an Annual ADA Check-Up for your facility to insure safety and that your facility have not be adversely altered. Proper documentations will be made in case of future litigation regarding safety or ADA compliance It is of positive benefit to insure that building owners stay current as to their obligations to maintain an accessible environment and to abide by the latest U.S. Access Board Standards.

We have an active culturally diversity program and have been used as testifying experts in PI, WC, and others.

We are proactive in the Ticket to Work Program and have served as vocational experts in Social Security and Rail Road Retirement Cases for over 30 years We provide the highest quality services and products to all our clients. Our record of client satisfaction and return referrals is born out by our steady growth in new referrals as well as re referrals from our past client base.

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Ticket to Work Program
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